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Online Audience to Target for Content Marketing - SEO Content Writing Tips | Advanced Online Marketing Guide

Here is SEO Content Writing Best tips on Online Audience to Addressing or Targeting for Content Marketing.

How to classify web traffic?

There are a lot of factors are to consider to classify the available web traffic. Visit time, number of pages seen, readingness, understandingness, frequency of availability online, demographic etc. generally used to get idea on webtraffic.

Based on online knowledge of the netizens, there are 5 kinds of online audience.

Types of web audience or visitors

Here are the available types of web audience over the internet. Namely they are,
  1. Newbie, 
  2. Intermediate, 
  3. Expert, 
  4. Temporarily audience, 
  5. Analytical thinkers, 
  6. Cynic…etc..
  • These are beginner learners available at internet
  • To target these newbie audiences, use simple words.
  • Write basic or fundamental content to attract them
  • Try to educate this kind of audience.
  • We can share option about our post
  • These kinds of audiences are generally having good grasping knowledge on a subject/ product/ service.
  • They want to learn or get more by reading companies technical content or expert reviews
  • They want to update their knowledge on selected topics/ products/ services etc…
  • Try to post with technically informative articles to target them and to gain their trust also to follow your website regular.
  • These kinds of audiences are with technically sound knowledge.
  • These kinds of audiences generally scan the content for required information.
  • Try to give expert title to attract them to follow your site and you.
  • High level content is required to earned trust of this expert audience.
Temporary Audience:
  • Generally these kinds of audience are subordinates or people who have no any idea regarding content.
  • They will collect the content information for boss or managers after request for data collection.
  • They are simply visual newbie not experts.
  • They will collect the data based on given title or headline, parameters, subject, product, service…etc…
  • After collection of data, they will prepare a report in a given format manually or with help of reporting tools and finally send to boss or managers.
Analytical Thinkers:
  • These kinds of audiences are referred as researchers.
  • They will examine the data with their knowledge.
  • Generally these audience needs comparative, too informative unique, fact based, knowledgeable content.
  • Generally they will collect the data for final decisions to make expert decisions in regards to a product or service etc…
  • These are informative readers and utilizers.
  • These kinds of audiences also referred as Pessimist.
  • To target these kind of audience, in our post we have to give relevant links from where we collected these data / content.


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