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Call To Action Button Placement and Best Locations for Business Leads Sales Generation - Best SEO Tips | Marketing Blog

Here is a Marketing blog's interesting posting of Best SEO Tips on Call To Action Button Placement and Best places for Leads and Sales enquiries Generation Online.

Every landing web page optimization is requires an effective call to action phrases in buttons forms or textual link forms.

What is a call to action?

A call to action is one of the most required landing page elements at a suitable place on the website page. It helps in generating online leads even with a mouse click. These phrases generally preferred to motivate or influence the web visitors to take an action. There are many kinds of call to action elements are exists on online depending upon industry.

Role of call to action phrases on website

To improve visitor and audiences conversion into business customers and long term online client conversion with your well designed and seo optimized landing pages, an effective call to action terms are highly to be suggested by most of online marketing and seo analysts.

Call To Action texts and button design requires a lot of study to grab the visitors attention and targeted customers clicks to accomplish the process with the right message at the right place in the right manner. Most of the fresher web designers are don’t understand the role of these actionable web page elements during website design in user experience method. This is because they are without online marketing knowledge and how to attract users mind.

However the call to action buttons are playing key role in business conversions and promotion of products and services you are offering from on your website. So before the design of these action taking phrases the web designers need to understand the function of call-to-action terms, conversion rate of a call to action button, its design, online visitors purchase behaviour, how design color based, button size, CTA texts language etc...

Designing a call to action is requires a team

Call to action buttons on any kind of websites are playing major functions in navigating the qualified users to desired product pages or services pages etc... to fulfill the main purpose of these CTA phrases to motivate the web visitors to play some action from to your website.

Designing and developing perfect matched CTA button is always requires a lot of work before creating. It needs a team play including (Web designers to design best effective button, SEO analyst for keyword research, Web developers to optimize in proper locations etc...). The proper placement of the call to action terms on the web page is can improve your online conversion. The best suitable position for CTA’s is the above the fold, i. e. the first 400px of the landing we page on your site.

There 3 main factors influencing the Call To action button placement. They are,

Right Location:
  1. Graphic designers design an efficient call to action button to attract the page visitors and content audiences to push them towards your business.
  2. Here color of the button and text also matters. Try to use best matching eye contrasting color depending upon your site background color.
  3. Call To Action location is playing key role in attaining online people clicks. Highly preferred area or best location to place these lead generation button is "Above Fold Area" of a web page.
  4. The best location or place is just above or within long content. Visitor should be not scroll down the webpage.
Surrounding Content:

It is one of the important factors that can influence online leads and traffic for website. Should be relevant and descriptive, impressive content along with happy customers testimonials (in text or video formats).

In order to generate online business leads for your website, you need to add more effective call to action text that motivates the page visitors to take out the particular desired actions like buying products, quoting your services, bills payment online etc.

Call To Action terms in Author Resource Box:
  1. Normally everybody will provide the HTML links to their website product or services pages in resource box.
  2. Try to add Call To Action based keywords in the resource box to connect to well optimized landing page / submission form to get leads, traffic…etc…
  3. You can add these Call To Action terms even in articles sites / pressreleases sites / directory sites or wherever and wherever chances are available.
  4. These places can give you better results in addition to providing landing page URLs.
Types of "Call To Action" Buttons

There are several types of call to action buttons are exists over the web. However they are placed to influence the web visitors to do a kind of certain action after clicking on it.

Here are the most seeing types of call to action buttons, based on the action you want to visitors to take.
  1. Download
  2. Add To Shopping Cart
  3. Buy now
  4. Apply Now
  5. Try Now (30 days or free trail etc)
  6. Learn More
  7. Sign Up
  8. Subscribe now
  9. Read / Find More
Types of Call To Action texts

There are two types of lead generation of texts exists. They are namely, Universal and Specific texts buttons

1) Universal texts button
2) Specific texts buttons

Universal Texts:
  1. Example are "Click Here" or "Read More" or find More" Get Now" etc.
  2. These words are making the visitors attraction where to click.
  3. The surrounding sentences might tell the visitors and audiences what they will get after clicking these link words or buttons.
Specific Texts:
  1. Example are "Download PDF book" or "Attend SEO writing workshop" or "Pay your Bills Now" etc.
  2. These words clearly give to visitors and online audiences what kind of more specific action.
  3. In some cases the surrounding content may tell or may not describe what is after clicking these link words or buttons.
  4. But these words are highly transactional. 
  5. These words surely motivate to click immediately after finding.
Best tips for online business conversions:
  1. Call to action texts or buttons should appear in somewhat larger in size on the web page.
  2. Use eye contrasting colors to design effective buttons.
  3. You call to action phrases should in simple, understandable in user language.
  4. Design a larger, bold font (not in Italic style) on the CTA button for the important texts.
  5. Ensure that Call to actionable icons relevant with surrounding paragraph contents.
Most importantly:

Always run tests with these CTA texts on web pages. Even you can experiment with A/B testing, visitors conversion online, SEO ROI, etc...with creating two or more copies of landing page with little variation in button design, CTA texts etc.  for in-depth testing of online traffic. Don't forget to try with different colors, terminology, positions and sizes, surrounding web content.

Finally Don't forget this best seo marketing tip,

Measure Measure Measure – Make sure that you're measuring your A/B testing, conversion rate, goals on your Google Analytics account.


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