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Become Video Marketing Expert with Online Video Blog - Be Video Blogger

Become Video Marketer with Online Video Blogging - Be a Expert Video Blogger

Video Marketing and Online Digital Marketing, Mobile Gadget Marketing are the current trends in the internet marketing in the coming years. There are many free blogging platforms are offering free blogs to design and register at free of cost. All these, blogs and websites are making the individuals as bloggers and online marketers, Internet marketers also beginner digital marketers. But the rise in awareness of video marketing is offering its future scope to become video marketer with video blogging to move along with 2015 online video marketing trends.

You are at Online Video Marketing Trend... Are you a Professional Video Blogger

No doubt: 2011 - 2012 was year for Online Marketing.
No doubt: 2012 - 2013 was year for Online Internet Marketing.
No doubt: 2013 - 2014 was year for Online Digital Marketing.
No doubt: 2014 - 2015 (onwards) is year for Online Video Marketing.

Have any doubt in blogging trends? Just check the YouTube Statistics here...

Many Social media sites, Non-Social media sites are offering video upload and distribution facility across the internet with connected persons each others. This is evolved as latest trends in blogging with videos for business products, services, video tutorials, live sessions, webinars and other sharable materials...

Major search engines like Google and Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. are continuously producing a number of Search engine algorithms in order to provide relevant quality search results and user experience. From on 2010 onwards, the search results are showing the diversified content with images, infographics, audio, videos, text, memes, ebooks, webinars, research documents, workshop, classes, charts and graphs, sharable documents, survey statistics to provide good user engagement with relevancy and quality results depending on visitor search intent.

Shape your future - Create your Online Success with Video Blogging

Youtube from 2008 onwards evolving as major video blogging platform throughout globally. Everyday lakhs of videos are in the process of uploading and ready to online distribution across the various inter marketing sources. YouTube is become ever brand in the video marketing with leading position over the other video sharing sites. Online blogging with Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr and other blogging platforms are adapted to share videos and highly influenced by YouTube video Blogging by many global and local video bloggers. Are you a Professional Video Blogger or Want to become Online Video Blogger in your niche.

2015 is year of Online Vlogging

Blogs says that "Online entertainment" is important.
Websites says that "Online business" is important.
Social media says that "Social life" is important.
But video marketing says that "Create your Online Success" with Video Blogging.

SEO says that "Content is King"
SEM says that "Advertise online"
SMO says that "Integrate socially"
SMM says that "Become social brand"
Online Marketing says that "Be visible online"
Internet Marketing says that "Become marketer"
Digital Marketing says that "Be Digital strategist"
Mobile Marketing says that "Become mobile trend"
Video Marketing says that "shape the your future with online video blogging"
Vlog - Video Blog for your Online Business Marketing

In the traditional marketing, Radio and TV, Print media are become top marketing channels. In later, Search engine optimization, business blogging are evolved as best marketing channels with the increased internet trend. Whereas in modern marketing, the video marketing is become best online marketing channel. YouTube marketing is gradually populored from on 2008 onwards. Many SEO analysts, online marketers, internet marketers and digital marketers are consists of this video blogging and marketing in their business promotion plan in order to promote business products and services across the internet and digital media.

Online living for social life is become a part of day-to-day activity. "Vlogging" in other words "video blogging" is become emerging trend to engaging the online readers and audiences, customers and web visitors.

How to become Professional Video Blogger

Learn benefits with video marketing and blogging for you and to your company. Many business firms are nowadays recruiting in-house marketers as SEO analysts, SEO managers, SEM consultants, SMO experts and SMM executives in order to promote various tangible and intangible marketing materials. No doubt in coming days, the companies will provide video marketing jobs and video blogger jobs in current advanced marketing trends. Learn video marketing to become advanced marketer professional.

Online video blogging helps similarly as your in-house or freelance SEO and SEM, SMO, SMM marketers and business consultants. Become trend setter in Online Video Blogging.

How Vlogging better than TV shows?

Vlogging is better than TV shows with socio-psychological and purpose lacking. Many TV anchors are failed in effective TV anchoring due to the lack of presentation skills, proficient communication skills and lack of subject matter expert skills. So due to this, many shows become bored and turned down with lower visitor ratings. After internet technology into smartphones, and other electronic gadgets Vlogging is evolving as emergent Vlog trend online and occupying the traditional marketing channel market share across the globe. Vlogging is a cost effective and best reachable channel to targeted people on online even within seconds to minutes. Know here why Vlogging is better than boring TV shows.

Turn your online blogging skills to become a vlogger yourself
  • Online readers are can not take time to read very long text
  • Online readers not receiving your message as lack of visual aids
  • Images and infographics, videos very easier to understand your message.
  • Many people are being on social sites and watching videos
  • Boring texts are impacting the visitors and followers readability
Tips on starting a vlog - Vlog Tips for Beginner Vloggers

Whatever your vlogging goals like earning money with videos, or selling ad space or becoming professional video marketer etc. you need to understand the impact of videos online and impact on visitor behaviour (entertaining, purchasing, sharing etc.). Get here Beginner Vloggers Tips on How To Start a Vlog. This paragraph is a Beginner’s Guide for Beginner Vloggers and helps to become professional online video blogger. Below are Vlogging beginner tips to become expertise in video marketing.
  1. Have a good webcam
  2. Use a tripod to shoot
  3. Get a quiet location
  4. Check for plenty of natural light
  5. Shoot from the chest up
  6. Use your prepared script
  7. Interactive with your viewers
  8. Keep video length short
  9. Allow video transcription
  10. Be with your own style
  11. Don't be a copycat
  12. Stick to your theme or topics
  13. Don't be bore
  14. Use Keywords
  15. Be social to share more
Best Vlogging Tips for Vloggers - Steps to Successful Video Blogging

Here are few and Vlog tips for developing a successful Online Video Blog. Become expert online Vlogger with blogging ideas
  1. Choose your Niche Wisely - To target your viewers and audiences
  2. Follow the Trends - Watch the latest trends on online to become a trend
  3. Offer Quality Videos - produce engaging, entertaining, awaring video postings
  4. Use your Language - Reach audiences, visitors with Universal or Local languages
  5. Update Frequently - Add user interactive videos regularly to reach subscribers and audiences
  6. Promote Online - Visible your video channel across the available online sources
  7. Be more Social - Distribute your channel in Social media sites
  8. Be Inspirative - Be an interesting and entertaining educate vlogger
  9. Be Tech Savvy - Use Free video editors like Windows Movie Maker, Apple's iMovie, Android's Movie Maker, VideoPad etc. softwares
  10. Respond to Viewers - Communicate with your views with messages, complements, suggestions, etc.
  11. Do Video SEO - Use SEO optimization and marketing in search engines to get ranked in SERP results
  12. Be Technical Expert - Lean how to use audio, light and digital camera, webcam
  13. Descript Wisely - Add minimum of 100 words length description for each of your videos
  14. Focus Video Title - Use SEO skills to write effective and attractive title
  15. Get Linked Internally - Interlink all your videos to engage your visitors
Popular Video Blogging mistakes by Vloggers
  1. Video with dark or unclear
  2. Creation with lower or poor audio quality
  3. Following the other vloggers
  4. Unable to interact with viewers
  5. Shying in videos
  6. Get strucked up in the process
  7. Lack of Video seo
  8. Lack of Screen Capture tools knowledge
  9. Lack of video editing skills
  10. Failure of reaching targeted audiences and customers
  11. Non educative video production
  12. Lack of effective body language skills
Best Vlogging platforms
  1. YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/
  2. Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/
  3. Veoh - http://www.veoh.com/
  4. Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/explore/video/
  5. Blip.tv - http://blip.tv/
  6. Viddler - http://www.viddler.com/
  7. DailyMotion - http://www.dailymotion.com/
  8. yfrog - http://www.yfrog.com/
  9. Metacafe - http://www.metacafe.com
  10. Grouper - http://www.grouper.com

What do you think? ... Will 2015 be the year of video blogging and video marketing?


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