Suggest your Adsense Domain Earning with $ 5 to $ 25 per day - Require Adsense Money Making Website for Sale

What we need?

Here is a list of requisites of money earning blog / website or domain offering for sale. Read them now.
  1. We require a reliable domain (website)  earning 5 $ minimum per day
  2. Should belong to any category that supported by Google Adsense program' terms, conditions
  3. Proof of adsense earning dashboard monthly / daily report
  4. Website age must within 1 to 2 years only
  5. Should free from Google copyright and DMCA act
  6. Website design should with good user navigational 
  7. Website should be developed with non HTML, or Wordpress or any other
  8. Should with plagiarism free content and images, videos
  9. Should with at least 30 to 100 posts
  10. Should be promoted with organic seo services or seo quality backlink building activities
  11. Must earn $ 5 to $ 25 per day 
  12. Should transfer all copyright and domain ownership and belonging theme, template web files (folders)
  13. Should with individual adsense account
  14. Should not be with business / organization account
  15. Should not being promoted with Google adwords or any other website marketing methods
  16. Should receive search traffic organically
  17. Should be with user or audience oriented web content 
  18. Should have ith individual Google analytics account
  19. Should be with individual Google webmaster tool account
  20. Should free from any kind of search engine algorithm penalties for online content, backlink profile qualityness
  21. Should not be linked to any bad neighborhood websites
  22. Should be crawlable and indexable after updating the content
  23. Web page content should be in English only
How we'll pay?

Before you will get paid -
  • Day 1 we will discuss about website having individual adsense account and that earning minimum $ 5 to $ 25 per day. 
  • You have to show Google adsense dashboard statistics, Google analytics account and Google webmaster tool account. 
  • In addition to them, you have to show some of your other websites or blogs created for profitable with money earning purpose through Google advertising programs or affiliate marketing programs.
At the end of 30 th day to day 1 -
  • After confirming the website earning through Google adsense, website content, analytics visits, etc., you will be paid through Paypal or any other online payment method. 
  • You will be paid all amount that you bid or agreed in one time only.
After 30 days to payment -
  • You have to suggest your seo optimization and marketing strategy at least for coming 3 to 6 months.
  • Adsense account should not be banned after payment (We will not stress the website with any kind of malpractices) 
  • Website and online content should not suffered with Google adsense program' terms and conditions
Preferred website categories to buy adsense money earning site with $ 5 to $ 25.

Website content should be from following preferring adsense money making best topics or categories or niches
  1. Health
  2. Banking
  3. Technology
  5. Digital marketing
  6. Money saving investment
  7. Business
  8. Financial services
  9. Blogging 
  10. Digital photography
  11. Oil and gas
  12. Aquaculture and fisheries
  13. Marketing
  14. Entertainment
  15. Jobs
  16. Sports
  17. Web advertising
  18. Relationship
  19. Food / nutrition
  20. Insurance
  21. Real estate
  22. Shopping offers
  23. Psychotherapy
  24. Travel / tourism
  25. Web design
  26. Web development
  27. Website promotion
  28. Career advice
  29. Affiliate marketing
  30. Adsense money making
  31. Colleges and Universities
  32. Online education
  33. Special education
  34. Tax saving
  35. Home gardening
  36. Wealth building
  37. Web marketing
  38. Video marketing
  39. Outdoor activities like boating, trekking, skiing, surfing etc
  40. Beauty tips
  41. Skills development
  42. Hotel and restaurant 
  43. and those other content categories considered by adsense money making program terms, conditions...etc...
Timeline -

You have no any timeline to discuss about adsense money generating $ 5 to $ 25 website for sale.

Contact details -

Interested bidders or website owners those sell website earning minimum five dollars to twenty five dollars per day through ethical practices supported by Google adsense program and proper adsense optimization strategy. Send your information to email address "rasmanohar@gmail.com".