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Measure your SEO strategy Performance with SEO KPIs

How to Measure your SEO strategy Performance with SEO KPIs

SEO Audit and Marketing Campaign Analysis is essential activity to measure the ROI of the digital marketing campaign for your website optimization and online promotion efforts. SEO companies and marketing agencies periodically audit and analyse the online marketing campaigns to determine the SEO strategy ROI (Return On Investment) in business words Revenue On Investment (ROI) with Digital Marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

SEO Companies and Search Engine Optimization Consultants Measures Web Analytics

Professional SEO companies and Search engine optimization consultants measure the analytics data that is collected from web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmasterstools or other analytic softwares using as alternates to Google Analytics those provide a indepth data about keywords, landingpages, visitors location, search engines, regerral sites, goals, etc. critical information is using to track the optimized website with a comprehensive seo strategy planned to measure the success of search engine optimization campaign.

How to Choose a Web Analytics Tool to Track and Measure your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Choose a Web Analytics Tool that help you to measure your website marketing performance. Here is a list of Web analytics tools and softwares. Google them to download or to add your web property and place the analytics tracking code on your webpages in order to measure the online performance of your digital marketing's search engine optimization campaign.

List of Best Web Analytics tools and Softwares. (including Best Alternates to Google Analytics tool)
  1. Flagcounter
  2. Moz Analytics
  3. Omniture
  4. Fireclick
  5. Mint
  6. Statcounter
  7. Sawmill Analytics
  8. Clicktale
  9. Coremetrics
  10. Unica NetInsight
  11. Yahoo! Web Analytics
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Hitscounter
  14. Clicky Web Analytics
  15. Piwik Open Source Analysis
  16. Woopra Website Tracking
  17. AWStats
What are Best and Popular SEO KPIs?

SEo Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are the metrics using to measure the seo optimization and online marketing strategy planned to improve the website / pages performance as per the assigned goals.

List of Best and Popular SEO KPIs

Here is a list of Best and Popular SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) using to measure the success of website search engine optimization campaign. The list of SEO KPIs are gives a brief information about how to get the maximum ROI value from your SEO optimization and marketing campaigns.

What are the Top 3 SEO Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  1. Traffic
  2. Rankings
  3. Conversions
Focus on Webpage Ranking with Landingpages Optimization to Reach your Potential Visitors Online

Nevermind this "Website Traffic Is Not The Key To SEO Strategy Success". Website traffic is one the top priority SEO KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and wellknown as lifeblood of webpages.


What we measures?

We measures the percentage and exact sessions (visits) numbers. (i. e. Total and unique visits)

Traffic that you receving is Tells about:
  • Your website's digital marketing campaign efforts
  • search engine traffic optimization
  • Webpages optimization
  • Online traffic acquisition strategy
  • Landingpage optimization
  • Online marketing plan strength and weaknesses
  • Web content performance
  • User relevance tracking
  • User interacting content development
Traffic is the lifeblood of a Webpage

Direct Traffic - typed in traffic, bookmarks, email links without tracking codes
Referral Traffic - trackable email, promotional, and branding campaign links
Search Traffic - Queries that sent traffic from any major or minor web search engine
Should be diversified
Should be more than 70 % for Content websites
Should be more than 60 for Image gallery websites
Should be more than 55 % for Video & Podcast websites
Should from multiple location for international sites
Should from target location for local sites

Website Traffic Is Not The Key To Success

Many website owners and seo analysts assume that they've done best Search engine optimization and web marketing strategy with on-page optimization, linkbuilding traffic acquisition activities, etc.and look towards an instant results with onetime seo optimization strategy. It is a sadone but not in all cases.

But especially for websites and landingpages those newly created in the heavy niche competition online. During the crawling and indexing the site pages the search engines are categorize the landingpages based on webpages Ranking factors depending on your seo optimization and online marketing strategy.

What you will get from the Visitors Sessions Data to Measure
  1. To collect and analyze the traffic volume of each search engine
  2. To collect and analyze the current market share.
  3. To analyze the search engine penalty
  4. To analyze the site performance
  5. To identify the uncovered seo contribution
  6. To analyze the each landingpage performance
  7. To measure the optimized keywords performance
  8. To identify the top referral sites sending the traffic
  9. To  analyze the content marketing performance
  10. To determine the new trends in keyword
  11. To identify user search intent
  12. To  analyze the seasonal marketing strategy
  13. To analyze the technical seo factors (pagespeed optimization etc.)
  14. To analyze and identify the visitor trends
  15. To determine the goals optimization
  16. To analyze and identify the online revenue
  17. To analyze and identify the top performing landingpages
  18. To analyze and identify the worst performing webpages
  19. To analyze and identify the visitor conversion data and new trends
  20. To analyze and identify the strength and weakness of your marketing plan
  21. To analyze and identify the visitor experience with current design and layout
  22. To identify how conversion starts and ends on your website with your sales funnel
  23. To analyze and identify the issues of site architecture and web indexed pages
  24. To analyze and identify the new trends in keywords bringing visits
  25. To analyze your on-page optimization tactics
How to get instant solution to fix your Website Performance issues immediately?

Get the instant help in determining the website potential causes those maght lead to unsuccess even though you implement ever best digital marketing strategy. Share or prepare a writeup in brief about what your facing and how you are trying to solve the issue. Publish this article on your blog or website to get expert bloggers or seo consultant company advice. These following are best sources to fix your Website Performance.

How to fix your Website Performance?
  1. Google’s Groups
  2. SEO forum sites
  3. Your blog
  4. Other's blogs
  5. Your website
  6. Other's sites
  7. Social media sites
  8. Email marketing
  9. Coducting polls online
  10. Communicating with experts
  11. SEO Workshops
  12. SEO Conferences
  13. Bloggers meetup

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